Successful corporate video production starts with picture-perfect process

Huge budget and the grandest of plans? Or searching for the biggest bang for your buck? Whatever you want to spend, size doesn’t matter at Corporate Video Productions… our philosophy has remained the same for 30 years. The key to the success of your video always starts with a picture-perfect process.


The devil is most definitely in the detail when it comes to video production, so we make sure we do our homework. We’ll meet, brief, research, survey, prepare and review as many times as we need to make sure everything shoots as it should.


From old school film to the very latest in 4K High Definition technology, when we say production “values”, we mean it. Your video production will be in the safest, most fastidious hands in Melbourne… we’ll arrange everything from producers and props, to travel & accommodation.


These days anyone can hold a light-weight High-Def camera, point it at something and press “record”. But some things never change, like the essential skills required in the edit suite. To give your video life, we’ll edit, add graphics, voice-over, digitally master, colour grade, mix in music and sound-check it to death.


Once you’ve got your final cut, your video needs to reach it’s audience… packaged and presented in a way that truly represents such a professional production. You may not need us to tell you this, but you do need us to do this – because we’re among the best there is.

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With over 30 years of experience in the video production industry, Corporate Video Productions can guide you throughout the entire production process, making video filming an exciting and enjoyable experience.
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